job offers for german speakers abroad


Tourism positions are those that are responsible for the sales, logistics planning, and the promoting of trips, attractions, cruises, and other various leisure related activities and services. Often, these positions will be primarily about connecting with prospective travelers or visitors and engaging them. The goal, then, is that the engaged tourist will purchase, visit, or partake in one or more of the leisure interests that are being sold or advertised by the tourism professional.

Those who do well in tourism positions have a passion for travel and a keen knowledge of the details and benefits of the experiences that they are marketing to prospective visitors. They should be friendly, conversational and display comfort when speaking with people in a variety of capacities. In many cases, they will also be responsible for answering questions that may arise, providing guidance or recommendations about an area, arranging and scheduling reservations, as well as following up after a visit or sale for feedback. Communication skills are a must and sales history or training is also helpful as well.

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