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Technical Environments

Technical environment positions consist of personnel who have a specific job, with finite technical requirements and training. This encompasses a variety of fields including, but not limited to, electricians, engineers, mechanics, builders, etc. Those working in this capacity will usually be highly skilled in their particular area of work, and be able to effectively perform tasks that others would not easily understand how to do. Tasks commonly performed by technical environment positions will be troubleshooting or diagnosing problems, operating and using specialty machinery or equipment, reading or drafting blueprints or plans, creating complex structures or systems, and making repairs requiring specific tools and training.

Due to the widespread nature of technical environment positions, the skills and best attributes of a candidate will vary greatly. However, nearly all working in this capacity will possess some combination of advanced training and years of experience. Most are skilled tradespersons who often travel to jobs in a variety of places and perform work on site where it is needed.

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