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Social Media

Social media positions are similar in scope to general marketing positions, but with the niche of delivering content, developing customer relationships and driving sales using the confines of social media outlets. This usually includes tasks such as creating and posting new content to relevant social media accounts, responding to comments and communications sent through direct messages or attached to postings, monitors and charts growth and interaction of social accounts, creates plans and strategies for social media campaigns, and the updating of company information on social channels as needed.

Many times, social media positions will work alongside those in marketing positions, so being a team player and having the ability to collaborate with others is essential. Since social media is primarily about getting people involved and connected together, it is also important that candidates in this position have the ability to communicate with others in a way that is engaging and that they possess strong networking skills. Due to the fast paced nature that is social media, an enjoyment of current affairs and societal trends is also helpful.

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