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Search Engine & Affiliate Marketing

Search Engine & Affiliate Marketing positions will usually revolve around the cultivation and optimization of a website or blog in such a way that drives sales from potential customers clicking links or ads. Large parts of this position have to do with writing and creating content that includes keywords and key phrases that will rank high on searches that consumers make or that will catch the consumer’s attention when placed in email campaigns, banner ads, or social media posts. Another prominent aspect of this position is the gathering and analyzing of data from various sources to track what is being searched and clicked on, so that adjustments may be made to maximize results.

Those working in search engine and affiliate marketing positions will usually be creative, outgoing and have the ability to multi-task. Candidates should also have the flexibility to make changes quickly, when data reveals a certain campaign or strategy is not performing as planned. The ability to brainstorm and devise creative tactics for delivery of content to prospective consumers is also a desired trait.

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