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Project Management

Project management positions generally will be those individuals who coordinate and oversee the completion of some specified project from beginning to end. This includes tasks such as creating timelines and scheduling plans, outlining and communicating the scope of the project to those responsible for implementation, monitoring job progress and budget allocations, creating contingency plans when problems arise, fielding questions and handling decision making as needed, reporting and summarizing progresses made to date for upper level management, and ensuring that the project comes to close as planned.

Because project management positions require so much from an individual, it is key that those working in this capacity have very strong communication abilities, effective leadership skills, be confident at decision making, maintain a clear and cool head under pressure, be a problem solver, and have expertise and insight in how the given project should flow through the various stages. Additionally, those who excel at putting together teams of people who work well together and that are good at team building throughout the project also are desirable for project management positions.

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