by Navid Linnemann

Where women work best abroad

A recent study, conducted by, suggests that there are marked differences between men and women as they move abroad. At 28%, "for love" was the most common reason before "for the job" with 25%. Other reasons were "for a better life", adventure and study. For men, however, it is the profession that is the main reason for moving abroad at 38%. But the study provides further clues that will be of interest to women in the international labor market.

The profile of the expatriate women

In order to better understand the situation of men and women living abroad, also in light of World Women's Day on 8 March, InterNations is conducting this annual study. It was attended by 8,855 participants this time. Noteworthy results are, for example, that on average, women are three and a half years younger than men when they go abroad for professional reasons. Also, they are much more likely to be single (44% to 29%) and to have fewer children. However, there are similarities, such as the above-average level of education (Bachelor: 89% women, 85% men) or satisfaction with their life abroad (76% to 75%).

6 European countries in the TOP10

Based on this survey, it can also be determined in which countries expat women are particularly satisfied. Here it is noticeable that among the ten best placings, there are six European countries to be found. The Czech Republic came in first place, where job security in particular scored points. It is striking that only there and in Malta (9th place) female expats feel their career opportunities better than their male counterparts.

Also, Denmark stands out, which each case landed in first place the past three years, and could now improve to fifth place. Noteworthy here is the criterion work-life balance, which 82% of women rated as positive. Norway (4th place), Luxembourg (6th place) and the Netherlands (8th place) are also on the list.

Translated from the German original by klimeck consulting.

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