by Navid Linnemann

These 5 crazy jobs really exist!

If you think of exceptional professions, you may well think of a circus tamer, racer or bomb disposal expert. There are jobs that are even more crazy. Five of them are presented in this article.

1. Break up’r

Maybe it does not really jiggle anymore when you look at your partner. Somehow the air is out, or you already have a new flame in the starting blocks, but to draw a line under the old relationship, you somehow lack the courage.

No problem, there are professional break up’rs who take over this job. From finalizing a letter to personal discussions, many types (and price ranges) can be booked.

2. Fortune Cookie Author

Everyone has probably eaten a fortune cookie. Of course, there are the proverbs that are hidden on the little notes inside. It cannot be overemphasized; "A new experience becomes a valuable memory," and for this, creativity is required! The fortune cooker's task is to wisely devise entertaining messages in a maximum of two lines from morning to night.

3. Queuer

Granted, they are rarely seen in Germany and the rest of Europe, but in American mega cities, they are almost indispensable. We are talking about professional queuer. Their job is simply to queue for other people (with more money but less time). It may be booked over the Internet, and in situations like when a new iPhone comes on the market, or the rush is too big for the authorities.

4. Water Slide Tester

So this job would be something for us: water slide tester! A student from Leeds / England, who jets around the world for a tourism corporation to test the biggest water slides has already done it. It is not just a lot of fun but also fills his wallet with a fabulous €34,000.

5. Animal feed tasters

Let's keep this in England, or rather in the United Kingdom because here the animal feed taster is a recognized profession. An internationally well-known retailer allows volunteers to try out new animal feeds from a taster. We have no idea what the payment looks like, but if you volunteer, we will inquire for more information. ;)

For all other — normal — professions, there are suitable job exchanges on the Internet. You can find jobs for German speakers abroad, for example, in our job exchange.

Translated from the German original by klimeck consulting.

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