by Navid Linnemann

More and more home work possible

The work in the home office is becoming increasingly popular, because family and career get better under one roof. More and more employers are also moving in, as recent figures show. Homeworking is especially in demand among Germans abroad.

4 out of 10 employers already present homeworking

The digital association Bitkom interviewed 800 people and managers to identify the current opportunities for home work. The result is that 39% of companies allow their employees the freedom to work outside the office. Two years ago, the number of companies was still at 30% and four years ago at just over 20%. The rising trend is unmistakable.

Digitization makes it possible

The main reason for the flexibility of the companies are the new technical possibilities. Paperless offices whose data is stored in the cloud provide access from anywhere in the world. So it does not matter if a copywriter is now on the beach in Miami or the graphic designer prefers a small café in Paris for his work. Technically, it is possible and the companies are involved. In addition to the independence of the place, the factor of time is significant, because the employees are no longer bound to the classic nine-to-five.

Home office only with clear rules

Although the numbers in the study mentioned initially sound positive, one must note that it is often a hybrid form of homeworking. Employees, for example, definitely spend certain days in the office so that they can guarantee exchanges with colleagues or are available for meetings. About three quarters of the companies deal in such a split version of the work in the home office where there are clear rules. Nevertheless, it is a good step; home work requires great confidence in the workers.

100% home office often abroad

Some industries have specialized in home office work. Her employees include people who live around the globe. For example, some call centers are organized in such a way that German-speaking employees work from home as long as they have a working computer with an Internet connection. It really does not matter if the employees are now in Madrid, Rotterdam or Warsaw. Many copywriters, programmers or graphic designers can also live abroad while working for a German company. (Or the other way around)

Translated from the German original by klimeck consulting.

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