by Navid Linnemann

Helene Fischer on the "Forbes" list

Only a few days ago, the hit star Helene Fischer showed that you are only nationally successful as a German when you receive international attention because she made it as the only non-American singer in the Forbes list of the top ten highest paid singers.

As you know, the renowned Forbes magazine concentrates purely on figures that value the income of the super-rich. In the case of the singer, in the years highlighted; June 2017 to June 2018, her successful tour was used. With an average ticket price of €71 at 63 concerts which is a stately sum collected in the halls Helene Fischer regularly fills.

It probably surprises, first and foremost, the Americans the most, especially those who had never heard of Helene Fischer before the German singer landed immediately on number 8 of the list and thus before Céline Dion and Britney Spears. Incidentally, Fischer's income over the same period is estimated at $ 32 million, which is approximately € 28 million.

However, to turn the corner to this page: Rumor has it that Helene Fischer is currently planning an international career. A "Best of" album recorded in English in 2010 was not widely advertised nor sold, but at least the Berliner Morgenpost wrote that new English-language songs are currently in the works. This would include international concerts for the singer from Germany. Las Vegas will be a worthy venue that fits this rumor.

Translated from the German original by klimeck consulting.

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