job offers for german speakers abroad


Media positions will be heavily involved in the planning, production, coordinating, and distribution of media related content for an organization. Media usually is defined with three main sectors which are: print, broadcasting, & online. Those successful in media positions will be active and capable in all three areas and be able to produce content as follows: written publications such as news articles, press releases, magazine ads, and newsletters; film or television content for live interviews, commercial spots, or radio announcements; and online media material including blogs articles, website publications, online video spots, and web banners.

Media related positions will often create or oversee the creation of the content, as well as broker and negotiate the publishing of the content to applicable venues. Creativity is a must in this position, and an understanding of media outlets is also desirable. Most individuals working in media positions will also be comfortable leading or participating in presentations for management or clients, as well as tradeshows and other similar events from time to time.

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