job offers for german speakers abroad


Marketing positions will be largely about promoting sales and creating strong strategies for maximizing the visibility and consumer interest in the chosen products or services. This position will be involved in various research related tasks that will help identify target market segments, focus on feedback & sales data from existing customers and analyze trends of the market as a whole. Additionally, there is an aspect of creativity and artistic talent as well, for tasks related to ad campaigns, marketing correspondence and other general communications that will entice prospective and current customers alike.

Candidates for this position will generally display strong communication skills, and be able to easily convey messages to a given audience, both written and verbally. Attention to detail and excellent organizational skills are also desired traits to possess in this field, allowing the marketing professional to be concise with data handling and market research findings. Social skills is another highly valued asset in this position, as marketing associates will often be required to arrange and be a part of meetings, conference calls, trade show booths, and other instances when the customer or client has direct contact with the marketing department.

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