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Management positions are those that exercise some level of authority or oversight to other positions within an organization, with their primary goal being to ensure that all processes under their supervision run as smoothly as possible. Within the management title, there are a variety of specific assignments that include but are not limited to: job training & coaching, coordinating and scheduling, monitoring productivity, enforcing policies and procedures, answering questions and providing direction, disciplining and correcting mistakes, doing periodic performance reviews, and ensuring budgets are met.

Another facet of the management position to mention is the handling of escalated problems or complaints that may arise during the normal course of business that other positions are not sure how to resolve or respond to. Individuals in management positions should be excellent communicators and have the ability to multi-task as needed throughout the day. Organization and interpersonal skills are also highly desired, as much of their daily focus will be related to keeping people and tasks structured and efficient. Finally, attention to detail and the desire to see others grow and expand their job capabilities will be essential as well.

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