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Logistics position personnel generally will be tasked with the coordination of freight goods, including the transportation, delivery, receiving, and storage of said goods. Often times, those working in the capacity of this position will also be asked to maintain sufficient stock levels and perform ordering and inventory related tasks as well as be a liaison between the organization and vendors or suppliers.

Logistics positions normally find their jobs to be fulfilled in a warehouse setting, and will need to be able to handle the physical demands that freight related jobs require. There will often be the need for bending, lifting, pulling, and pushing required. Attention to detail is essential for those in logistics positions as well, due to their responsibility to ensure that proper quantities and types of goods are delivered and that they match the purchase order. In many cases, some dispatch related tasks are also a part of the job, as the shipments received may need to be delivered locally to the various storage or fulfillment facilities after receipt.

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