job offers for german speakers abroad


Languages positions are those individuals who primarily help interpret and translate content, documents, and other communications from one language to another. This can include both written as well as verbal transmissions, and may be for the benefit of the client or for the benefit of the organization. Tasks that are common for this position will be: converting documents, emails, instruction manuals and web content that are written in a native langue to an alternative tongue, so that the message or product can be more widely distributed; acting as a translator when parties speaking two languages need to meet or discuss a transaction or business negotiations; advising or consulting with others within an organization on cultural norms or niceties, and acting as a general liaison between parties when language is a key barrier.

Those working in the capacity of the languages position should be able to read, speak, understand and write at least two languages proficiently and have the ability to switch back and forth from one to another during conversations. Overall good communication skills is also a must, since they will often be the party that will be most relied upon to accurate convey a message in the proper words, tone, and with correct body language.

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