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IT - Information Technology

IT, or internet technology, positions will be responsible for the overall technical operations of an organization’s communication and internet networking systems. This typically includes tasks related to the set up of equipment, the training of users, as well as the updating, maintaining, backup, and troubleshooting of local area networks and digital infrastructures. Often times, there will also be responsibilities related to database administration and data storage, security breach protocols and testing, disaster recovery procedures, software development, and hardware upgrade services.

Considered by many to be quite challenging, due to the various roles performed, IT positions are usually best suited for people who have training or direct experience with technology, networks and computer systems. Additionally, IT positions require an individual to have strong problem solving skills and be good at prioritizing tasks in a sometimes stressful environment. Because many IT positions involve direct interaction with clients or others within the organization, a competence in communication and customer service is also valuable, if not essential for IT personnel.

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