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Health care

Healthcare positions will be jobs that are focused on direct physical care of patients who have a need for some type of treatment, medication, therapy, or other assistance in their physical bodies. The range of tasks in this field can be enormous but some of the most commonly found include: testing vitals and recording the results, the administering of medication and treatments, creating and updating medical charts, basic assistance with patient hygiene and feedings, the moving or transporting of patients, and the monitoring of overall health conditions.

Positions considered health care/service related will require ongoing communication with patients in a variety of stressful situations. Those working in this capacity should be able to balance being effective at completing their job objectives, but still be able to maintain kindness and compassion. Training and experience related to the medical field is extremely helpful, as is a working knowledge of medical terminology and using industry specific equipment. While not all tasks will require physical stamina, many do involve bending, lifting, and standing for long periods of time.

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