job offers for german speakers abroad

Gastronomy & Events

Gastronomy & Events positions will be that which centers on the planning, preparing, and serving of food to individuals during special activities, events, or at meal times. There will be a combination of tasks associated with this position, including menu development, food preparation and plating, serving and clearing away, as well as general greeting and conversations with guests. Additionally, there is an element of kitchen oversight and management often related to this position as well, requiring that food inventory be replenished and stocked as needed and health standards for food safety and cleanliness be observed and followed at all times.

General knowledge of the culinary arts is a key component to being successful in the gastronomy and events positions, and the ability to work in a fast paced and sometimes demanding environment is also required. Creativity for the pairing of both foods & wines together and presenting beautiful plated dishes will be beneficial too. Finally, a strong propensity for following safe food handling guidelines and being familiar with food sanitation rules is an essential trait as well. Hospitality are great!

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