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Finance & Accountancy

Finance positions will be mostly related to the management of monies and assets which the company possesses, and will be directly involved in various functions that promote the businesses overall financial stability. Generally, a key part of this job will be the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tracking and analyzing of monetary data, such as cash flows, expenses, budgets, taxes, etc. The relevant information from this organized data, and any trends associated with it, will then be communicated to upper management so that informed decisions can be made for the future of the company in areas of spending goals and earning potentials.

Those working in the finance position will need to understand basic accounting documents, such as profit & loss statements and balance sheets and be comfortable examining and explaining their numbers. Additionally, familiarity with ideas and concepts associated with the broader financial industry in areas such as money management, financial planning, asset allocation, tax liabilities, and private equity are also helpful. Some finance positions also encompass insurance and real estate aspects as well.

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