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Customer Service

Customer service positions are those that are specifically related to the front line interaction and assistance of the identified customers within an organization, whether by phone, in person, chatting online, or in another similar capacity. Customer service related positions are all about listening to what the customer’s need are, and then working to locate or suggest a solution that meet that need and leave the client feeling satisfied. 

Above most other desired traits, the ability to properly communicate with customers, even in negative situations, is a key to this kind of job position. Because of this, strong verbal and written skills are usually required, as well as a capacity to genuinely listen and understand what it is that the customer needs. Individuals who are outgoing, friendly, well spoken, and quick on their feet usually make the best candidates in customer service positions. Finally, problem solving skills and attention to details are also important, as many resolutions can be found by simply paying attention to the details.

Credit Collector - German Speaking

Country: The Netherlands | Place: Amsterdam
Category: Customer Service
Organisation: Expedia.Com Ltd
Application: through a recruiter

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