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Booking & Publishing Process

You are looking for German-speaking employees


You book a package (bronze, silver or gold) through our webshop or by sending us an e-mail. Please send us a pdf or MS Word file and your company logo. If you want to order a GIANT package, you have to contact us by e-mail anyway.

In any case, specify a desired publication date.

We will review your request.

If we need more details, we will ask you.

We will invoice you.

During the ordering process, we will ask you for your VAT identification number.


You can transfer the invoice amount to our account or pay via Paypal.


We create a customized job advertisement on our website. You get a Google Maps marker and are even easier to find.

other services

Depending on the booked package we will start more services.

Receive and process applications

You process the applications via your own system. If you do not have your own system, we can advise you.

End of publishing

Depending on the booked period, your ad will automatically go offline. Do not worry, we'll make it easy and always add extra extra days. You can easily renew your ad by e-mail.