job offers for german speakers abroad

Legal & Law

Legal & Law positions will be those that work in the capacity of representation of clients who seek expert advice or defense in areas related to criminal or civil law. While there are many tasks that those in this field will do as part of their daily job, one of the most important will be the research of the law and past legal proceedings as they affect the individual case that they are assigned to work on. Understanding the intricate details of the specific laws and how they have been applied or interpreted in the past, is primarily what makes a case strong. Additionally, those in legal and law positions will also spend much time creating and revising legal documents, meeting and speaking with clients to go over strategies and transactions, and appearing with or on the behalf of the client in meetings or court hearings.

Skills that make an excellent candidate for legal and law professions will be a strong propensity for understanding the law and doing research, the ability to organize thoughts and strategies into a logical argument that has legal precedent, excellent written and verbal communication skills, being comfortable and confident when speaking in front of an audience or a court, and the ability to adjust and revise tactics quickly when new information is presented or when a previous approach is no longer viable.

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