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Human Resources

Human resources positions will be the primary contacts within an organization for questions and tasks associated with employee relations. Examples of common activities performed by those in this job category will include things like: receiving and reviewing employment applications, the interviewing and screening of potential job candidates, coordinating orientations and paperwork for new hires, scheduling and approving vacation and other time off requests, answering payroll, benefit and employee policy questions, ensuring that payroll is accurate and on time, filing reports related to employee misconduct or injuries, documenting pay changes and terminations, and just being a general “help” to employees that seek guidance and questions related to their employment.

Human resources positions are very interactive jobs and require that the candidate have good social skills and excellent communication abilities. Organization and the ability to keep paperwork and files in order is another essential trait, since there will be many daily tasks that will revolve around records and recordkeeping. Finally, it is extremely beneficial for someone working in a human resources position to be able to teach and train others, and have a good sense for reading people and being approachable.

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