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Purchasing, Sourcing & Materials Management

Purchasing, Sourcing & Materials Management positions will be those whose emphasis is related to the procurement of finished goods, raw materials, or other necessary components of the business model, in order to ensure adequate inventories for sales. While not completely inclusive, this typically will include duties such as: negotiating pricing and quantity contracts with vendors, placing and following up on orders with suppliers, verifying arrivals and checking for quality and correctness of the orders, and resolving disputes related to orders that arrive incomplete, incorrect, or damaged.

A person working in this capacity should possess keen negotiation abilities and be able to communicate well, both in person and over the phone or via email. Attention to detail is extremely important, as this position requires that orders be exact and correct, both when placed and when received. Contingency planning is also critical, as there will be situations when orders do not arrive as expected and a back up plan will be necessary to keep the flow of business consistent despite delays and problems.

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