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Design & Architecture

Design and architecture positions are those whose focus is predominantly in creating practical creations that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as extremely functional. From preparing a plan for the build, to presenting the final product design to a client or manager, individuals working in this field must pay great attention to detail and be able to have an instinct for choosing materials and styles that meet the expectations of the project. Listening to instructions and being open to understanding the vision of the design is vitally important, as well as having the talent necessary to transform that vision into a useable reality.

Ideal candidates for positions in design, design architecture will be highly creative, but also practical in their approach to a design, being able to balance between beauty and performance. They will display attention to detail and an aptitude for structuring designs that meet the standards and the needs of the project as they understand it. Finally, they will be open to feedback and willing to re-work parts of their design, and adapt to changes in scope, as needed.

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